Explainer Video Services and Pricing from Digital Crunches

Capture your audience’s attention quickly with explainer videos, providing brief, animated descriptions of your product or service for easy understanding.

Define Your Business Visually Via Captivating Videos

Rise above your rivals, look different than the rest and connect with your audience on a personal level without even talking. Our impressive explainer videos capture your brand’s message, reflect the best aspect of your products and services and put you in the minds of your target customers and prospects. End result? Boost in prospect engagement and surge in ROI, as customers tend to resonate with videos more than written content.

Why Explainer Videos Matter?

The major factors that define the importance of animated videos are here:

1. Better Engagement

Grabbing the attention and likes of the target audience turns easy with an interactive and vibrant explainer video rich with an interesting story. Also, such videos appeal emotionally to viewers and create an unforgettable first impression.

2. Products and Services Marketing

Animated videos showcase products and services of a business in an enticing way. This helps to market these offerings in a useful way and make customers understand their importance better.

3. Enhanced Brand Identity

Such videos support businesses to create awareness and establish a strong persona in the online world. This works wonders to reach more and more customers on a global level and let them identify the brand.

4. Improved Sales Pitch

You may not know but such videos add more to the potential of an otherwise ordinary sales pitch. This can be done by demonstrating or defining complicated concepts in a simplified manner.

5. More Leads and Conversions

Other than engaging the audience, an explainer video also converts them into permanent customers who stand by the brand and also recommend it to others.

What we Offer?

We offer everything that makes up a successful video. Some of the elements we incorporate in every video include:

  • Unlimited creativity
  • Brilliant storytelling
  • Original and well-thought content
  • Animation infused with marketing
  • Apt characters that amplify the overall concept
  • Exceptional project management

We are trusted by startups, enterprises and small-scale companies who want to reach their audience in a unique and attractive way.

What we Offer?

We have a detailed process that ensures quality work and guaranteed results. Each project is given time and attention, according to its goals, audience and KPIs.

1. Planning

After knowing and understanding the requirements, we decide the animation style, story and duration of the explainer video.

2. Script Writing

The discussed story is given life via a creative script that speaks on the behalf of your business, its products and services.

3. Visual Layout

Our digital experts develop a visual representation of the script in the form of a video.

4. Illustrations

Now comes the turn to create an exclusive visual style followed by transforming the visual representation into exquisite illustrations.

5. Voice-over

Professional voice-over artists are selected to embed powerful and compelling voices into the video.

6. Animation

This stage is all about bringing static illustrations as well as developing animation. The script, illustrations and voice-over are combined to develop an interesting story.


Depending on your preference, either a unique music is incorporated into the video or you can go for a royalty-free sound.

Let Us Create an Explainer Video for You

If you are done with the monotonous ways of giving your business the recognition it deserves, an explainer video is the perfect solution. A convincing storyline, apt characters and perfect voice-over, leave everything on us. Thanks to our experience, we know what it takes to connect you with the right people via a video that acts like your voice.

Come on, free your audience from the trouble of reading lengthy text and let them know about you within minutes or even seconds.