WordPress Web Design Services: Get More Revenue From Your Site

Launch a revenue-driven WordPress site with Digital Crunches’ web design services, offering a custom, SEO-friendly website built to maximize your revenue.

WordPress Web Design Services: Get More Revenue From Your Site

Launch a revenue-driving WordPress site with the WordPress web design services. With Digital Crunches, you’ll receive a custom WordPress site built for driving revenue. Learn more about our SEO-friendly WordPress website design services now!

Our WordPress Development Services Package

A lot goes behind designing, developing and making a WordPress website live. With us, there’s no need to run from one company to another to seek multiple services, as our solution includes every aspect.

So, what do we offer? Well, we offer an umbrella of solutions that contain:

  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Plugin installation
  • HTTPS secured website
  • Customized Theme
  • Website Testing
  • SEO
  • Experienced project manager

If you want additional services, we offer other services such as:

  • Copywriting
  • eCommerce functionality
  • Database integration

Our WordPress Website Development Approach

We understand that every business has certain desires and expectations while approaching experts and we leave no stone unturned to meet fulfill them both.

We have our own WordPress-based CMS development solution that is centralized around the below explained steps.

1. Taking into Account Your Goals

Website development is all about a bunch of requirements and of course, vision. Whether you want us to incorporate eCommerce functionality into your current WordPress website or want us to shift a website to WordPress, we are leaders in both.

To achieve this, we engage with you to know your needs, mission and vision. When such things are clear, establishing a solid starting point turns easy.

2. Connecting You with an Enthusiastic Project Manager

Now is the time to get in touch with your own project manager who knows the ins and outs of your industry. Furthermore, the manager has a deep interest and understanding of your project type.

Your concerns are answered and fixed before things begin to make sure you feel  confident
and feel excited for results.

3. Designing Mockups

After a healthy interaction and exchange of ideas, expectations and suggestions, the project manager creates some sample designs, keeping in mind your requirements and everything discussed. We let you choose the one you find the best and even make changes or edits based on your suggestions.

Only after it’s a seal of approval from you are things taken further with the development team.

4. WordPress Website Development Begins

Now things begin for real and our professionals get into action. First, page designs are created after which extra features such as eCommerce functionality are added. Useful or relevant plugins are added besides and website images are compressed.

5. Testing Time

Once the website is completely ready, our quality analyst tests it both technically and non-technically. Testing ensures that the website has no errors or bugs when it is launched. Every page is checked thoroughly not once but twice or even thrice to get the issues fixed, be it minor or major.

6. Finally, Launch Time!

Everything done, it’s time to go live. Don’t worry, our team remains available to do the needful. To offer a seamless launch, we stand by you and explain everything so that you are well-aware about every technicality and are able to handle your website effortlessly.

Why Choose Us?

Here are a few yet prominent reasons to choose us.

  • We are experienced and our friendly vibes will let you feel comfortable with us right from day one.
  • We can add missing or required functionalities in your website or even create a new one.
  • We offer supporting services to help you drive revenue by attracting potential leads and increasing sales via your website.
  • We have talented professionals from every field to save your time and money.
  • We optimize your website for revenue.
  • We let you measure your website’s performance and financial returns by checking total sales, leads and revenue.